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Welcome to the year of the Rabbit!

It stand for the Year of Hope!

The Chinese zodiac sign of the RabbitOx stands for peace and prosperity- so a hopeful yearshould be upon us.

Many of you have not been able to practice your kyudo in the last few months, halls are closed, dojos are not or only to a limited extent, and bows and arrows are unused in the corner. According to the saying that kyudo is not only practiced in the dojo, but throughout life, we can use the time to study kyudo literature and cultivate the material.

I myself now use the time to find new products, to establish contacts with new suppliers and manufacturers, so that I can always offer you something new. The website will also be revised in the near future. It should be more beautiful and clear, and reflect the spirit of Kyudo with a clear structure.

I thank you for your loyalty over the past year and hope that I will be able to stand by you with words and deeds and good products in the year of the Rabbit

Yours Michael Brettschneider


Chantik offers a wide range of products for Kyudo.

Arrows and bows.

Glove and clothing.

Books and DVDs.

Equipment for the Dojo and small accessoires.

Browse our products and make your choice!

Please contact us at info@kyudo-zubehoer.de if you have any questions.


Please note: Shipping costs for foreign-going packages are higher then shown in the basket.