Hakama (pantskirt)

Our selection of Hakama in different types and qualities.

In Kyudo women and men are wearing different Hakama types.

The type for men has a back shield and is usually being bound on the hip. The designs are basically pant skirts which are normally being worn in black color by men in Kyudo.

The version for women hasn't got a back shield in Kyudo and is usually being bound above the hip. Women have the choice between the pant skirt and skirt style. Females normally also wear a black Hakama but are free to choose blue too.


Identify your size

For the sizing, measure your body size at the heigth on which you are binding the Hakama (depending on gender). For the required length please measure from the same spot downwards to your ankle.

Your beste bet is to get a second person helping you with the measuring. Afterwards please enter your measured data into the commentary field at the shopping cart because the lengths of the Hakama may vary slightly per producer and production batch despite the same “size number”.

Unsure about your choice? Any questions? We're happy to help you!

Give us your request without engagement via "Ask question" in the product description, via or give us a call.



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Product no.: 12111-00

Heavy Tetron-Hakama, the standard in Kyudo

With a back shield for men / As a skirt or pant skirt for women

please dont pull off the white strings when trying on the hakama,otherwise we can not longer be able to exchange it or take it back. thanks for your understanding.


attention: hakama are available from 89,00 € !

from 89.00 *

Light version

With a back shield for men

As pant skirt for women

96.00 *
Product no.: 12002-00

Heavy Tetron-Hakama, the standard in Kyudo

Wider for strongly-built persons

With a back shield for men / As a skirt or pant skirt for women

from 108.00 *

In stock

Product no.: 12004-00
120.00 *

In stock

Yo Ryu hakama for Kyudo

Nice texture with stripes, synth. silk

142.00 *

In stock

Product no.: 12441-00

hakama with stripes



In stock

Product no.: 12442-00

Hakama with stripes  189,- €

249.00 €

In stock

Product no.: 12443-00

Hakama with stripes

In stock

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