Obi (belt)

Unser assortment of Obis.

In Kyudo the Obi doesn't represent any grade.

So the Obi is a very individual part of the clothing. First of all it holds together the Gi, additional it's stabilizing.

Men often wear dark colours on their Obi. It is tied on the back with a large knot, so the Hakama sticks somewhat out. The most commonly used is the "Kaku-Obi" (角帯).

Obi for women are somewhat more narrow. Because no elaborate knot is neccessary they're shorter, too. You can find more colours and patterns on Obi for women.

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Product no.: 13201-00

Beautiful Obi with two different sides

For men

from 98.00 *
Product no.: 13101-00

Basic black Obi for men

Stiched cotton


from 18.00 *

In stock

Product no.: 13100-00

The Kaku-Obi (角帯) is a formal Obi for men

Solid cotton with a distinctive weaved pattern.

Different colors

from 42.80 *
Product no.: 13103-00

100% silk, Made in Japan

Silver, Gold or Blue

139.00 *
Product no.: 13503-00

Solid synthetic fiber with discreet blossoms pattern

Different colors

Product no.: 13504-00

Solid synthetic fiber with stylish arrow pattern

Different colors

from 34.00 *
Product no.: 13505-00

Solid synthetic fiber, each has two colors to turn

only green or grey

from 21.00 *

Unicolored Obi for women made of Tetron


19.00 *
Product no.: 13509-00

Black obi for women with braid for tying.


19.50 €
15.00 *

In stock

Product no.: 13501-00

soft synthetik fiber with woven flower pattern

34.00 *

In stock

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