Bows of carbon / bamboo

Stable bows from carbon

Determine length and strength of your bow

The length of the yumi is related with your extraction and so normally with your height.

  • "Nami", standard in Japan with 221cm. For 80 to 90cm extraction.
  • "Nobi" or Ni-Sun Nobi, 6cm (2 Sun) longer than Nami. For 90 to 100cm extraction.
  • "Yon-Sun Nobi", 12cm (4 Sun) longer than Nami. For 95 to 105cm extraction.

Then there are "Roku-Sun Nobi" (239cm)  and "Hachi-Sun Nobi" (245cm) for very tall persons.

The draw weight depends on the strength of the archer and is not related to western bows since the technique is totally different.

Normally, beginners will choose something in between 10 and 12 kg. This can increase to 20 kg and more with continuing practice.

Choosing the right bow is not easy, exspecially the first one. We recommend you ask your trainer for his suggestion. Then please contact us via email or phone, and we can discuss the details.

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