What's New?

Dear Kyudoka, here are updates indicating new developments in the shop:

08.-09.06.2024 - Pop-up Shop: We are on-site at the DM in Frankfurt! Feel free to write in the comments of your order if you would like to pre-order items and pick them up there!

07.05.2024 - We've just received a new shipment of bows! As a result, we've made some changes to the website structure. Now, all available bows with their corresponding strengths are conveniently located in one section. If you don't see your preferred choice, don't worry! We can place a special order for your desired bow. Just let us know, and we'll take care of it for you!

03.04.2024 - New in the shop = Toe- and Tabisocks from Knitido!

15.03.2024 - New ordering option for gloves. In addition to the standard version, you can now also order semi-custom and full-custom versions through the shop -> https://www.kyudo-zubehoer.de/en/c/glove-gake-and-co

01.02.2024 - Transfer of ownership of the shop to the new owner, Heike Dunkel.

Kyudo Accessories

Chantik offers a wide range of items for all your Kyudo needs. Arrows and bows are available in various materials and strengths. Shooting gloves and necessary attire complete the basic setup. Decorative obi, bow cases, or quivers also make great gifts. For theoretical support, we provide books and DVDs. Small items like nocks or giriko can be found here, as well as matoringe or makiwara for the club.

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